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Lynexisoneof the world'sleading manufacturers ofremote controleterrainmachines.The Machinedistinguishes itselfby being able toworkonextremelysteepslopesandswamps.

Lynexisan innovative companythat is alwaysat the forefront ofmachines thatpush the boundaries ofwhat is possible.Bycontinuously evaluating thelatesttechnological breakthroughs,andusethe bestand proven ones, wecreate machinesoperatingon capacityexceedswhat the marketotherwiseprovides.We also find it veryimportant thatour machines isrobust and reliable.

We exportmost of ourproducts,which goesto 21countries worldwide,through nationalimportersanddistributors.We are supplierstoboth private and publicinstitutions,as well asmilitarymine sweeperdivisions-for the benefit oflocal populations.

Westrive tobeservice-mindedfor allourcustomers, small as big customers,new as old.

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